How is housing wealth transmitted from one generation to the next?

Equal Lives Post-Doc Selçuk Bedük presented some early work from the UK team’s research into how housing wealth is transmitted from one generation to the next at a recent International Symposium on Sequence Analysis and Related Methods in Switzerland.

Selçuk and Susan Harkness are using 25 years of harmonised data from the British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society to try to explore and get to grips with how parents’ housing wealth might impact the wealth of their offspring in mid-life.

Commenting on the early analysis of the data, Selçuk said:

The poster hints at some interesting early findings although of course it’s early days for the research. We see some different underlying processes at work when it comes to how housing wealth is transmitted from parents to their children, especially for those at the top and those at the bottom. It’s going to be interesting to dig deeper so we can get a clearer and more nuanced picture.

The symposium brought together some of the most important established and young contributors to recent developments in sequence analysis and related methods.